Tips to Avoid Sparking Wildfires in California’s Winds

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Tips to Avoid Sparking Wildfires in California’s Winds

Tips to Avoid Sparking Wildfires in California’s Winds

Once again, Californians are facing down massively destructive wildfires. These latest fires are a reminder that our state’s wildfire season extends well into fall thanks to the harsh winds that usually roll around this time of year. These winds can take what would have been a controlled blaze and cause them to burn out of control at an alarming rate. This is when it is important for everyone to remember to be careful about starting fires. Nobody wants to be responsible for the next big blaze.

In order to avoid starting a wildfire, a person needs to watch what they are doing. If they are not careful, their current task could spark something big. Campfires are an obvious example. If they are not set up in safe areas away from vegetation, then they can quickly burn out of control. They also need to be fully doused to ensure that no warm embers remain to reignite the fire. Also, never have a campfire when there are high amounts of winds as they can send embers into nearby vegetation. These rules also apply to anyone thinking about burning yard waste.

Fireworks are another obvious cause of wildfires, which is why the more exciting ones are banned in the state unless handled by a licensed professional. Fireworks should never be used in windy situations, or near vegetation.

Smokers need to be aware of how they dispose of their cigarettes, as they are another source of fire hazard. They need to be disposed of in a way that ensure that they either are completely put out, or that they cannot blow into any kindling. They should never be dropped on the ground or tossed out of a car window.

Lastly, people need to be careful when suing vehicles near dry vegetation. A person should never park their vehicle on top of dry vegetation since the heat from the exhaust pipe is enough to cause plants to ignite. This is the case for cars, trucks, and off-road vehicles like motorcycles.

By following these tips, and using a bit of common sense, a person can greatly reduce the chance that their actions might spark a wildfire.

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