Client Testimonials at HappysBailBonds

“We referred one of our buddies to Happy’s Bail Bonds because they offer a payment plan option and has 24 hours support for Bail. It took a one day to get the bail done but was well worth the time and savings. We will spread this great bail bonds company down our network of people that might need professional bail help.”

– Don Davis

“Bakersfield is not my main home base area. So, I did a little looking around and found Happy’s Bail Bonds.  Great customer service and friendly. I was offered a discount because I’m an AARP member.  Thanks, guys!  These people know what they are doing.”

– Juan C.

“My boyfriend got arrested when I was on the road.  I used my phone to do a search on Bail Bonds.  On the first page, Happy’s Bail Bonds were right there for me.  I am glad I used their services.  They made it nice and easy for me to post my boyfriend’s bail.”

– Gina Saltor

“This was my first time using a Bail Bonds Company.  I have to say it was a professional and clean ride from start to finish.  Happy’s Bail Bonds on Bakerfields has got to be the best.”

– Jennifer M.