Tips for Staying Safe This Black Friday

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Tips for Staying Safe This Black Friday

Tips for Staying Safe This Black Friday

Thanksgiving is almost here and while many people are preparing for a big family get together, others are prepping for all of the sales and deals of Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving, stores go all out and bring the holiday shopping season into full swing with insane one-day-only deals. Unfortunately the amazing deals have a tendency to make people a little crazy.

There have been far too many stories of people getting injured, or even killed due to the craziness of the day. In the mad rush to get a good deal, people get trampled, or people get into all out brawls trying to get certain items. It is all a bit much, especially after a day of giving thanks for what you have.

If a person is planning on going deal hunting on Black Friday, they need to be careful. No one wants to end up as another Black Friday news story. Here are some tips to stay safe and healthy this Black Friday:

• Bring snacks and water if you are going to be shopping for long periods of time.
• Bring hand warmers if you will be standing outside in lines.
• Park in well-lit areas and keep keys in hand when walking to cars.
• Leave kids at home, this is too chaotic for them.
• Keep wallets secure by storing them in front pockets or fanny pack.
• Never set a purse down, if you take one.
• Keep all purchases in brown bags since thieves will be prowling parking lots looking for bags from high end stores.
• Remember that not getting an item is not the end of the world. Nothing in any store is worth starting a fight over.

If a person follows these tips, they can help keep themselves, and others, safe this Black Friday.

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