Precautions That Every Homeowner Should Take

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Precautions That Every Homeowner Should Take

Precautions That Every Homeowner Should Take

Everyone wants to keep their home, and everything housed within it, safe. They do not want to risk their family’s safety, or lose any of their personal property. This means that keeping a home safe from thieves should be a top priority for everyone. In order to do this, a person should know what burglars look for.

Here are some of the things that burglars look for when scoping out a house, and what homeowners should do about them.

Landscaping: If a yard is too overgrown, it can leave hiding spots for thieves to perform their illegal tasks. Homeowners should keep plants trimmed in a way that allows them to see the road and reduces hiding spots in the yard.
Spare Keys: Hiding spare keys in the yard is never a good idea. Most criminals know what to look for and can find the keys easily. The best place to leave a spare is with a trustworthy neighbor.
Yard Lights: Lights reduce shadows, which make it difficult for thieves to hide. Houses should have motion lights all around them so that trying to sneak up to the house will cause the lights to turn on.
Garages: Thieves look for garages that are left unlocked so that they can gain access to the rest of the house, or use the tools inside to break in. Make sure to always keep garage doors locked.
Doors: Weak exterior doors can easily be forced open. To prevent this, exterior doors and frames should be made of strong, solid wood. Locks should have a 1 inch deadbolt with a strike plate, the metal part of the door frame that the lock slides into, that has at least three screws.
Windows: Glass can be easily broken, however thieves prefer to avoid doing that because it can cause a lot of noise. To prevent them from coming through windows, keep them locked when out and make sure that they are easily visible from the street.

If a person is aware of these weak points and takes the proper precautions, they can greatly reduce the chances of a thief breaking into their home.

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