How to Stay Safe and Secure While Shopping Online

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How to Stay Safe and Secure While Shopping Online

How to Stay Safe and Secure While Shopping Online

With the passing of Halloween, the holiday season has begun. Now people all over begin to really crackdown on their holiday shopping lists. They want to get the perfect something for everyone on their list. Not only does this mean an increase in shoppers at stores, it also means more people will be going online to do their shopping. After all many people find this method of shopping more convenient.

Unfortunately, thieves are well aware of this fact. They become more active during the holiday season to take advantage of the increased amount of victims they can target. One thing that online shoppers need to be wary of, are fake or malicious websites.

Some thieves will take to making new websites for people to buy stuff from. They will take the person’s credit card information and then either send nothing, or send something that wasn’t what the person ordered. They will also make it difficult for the buyer to return items, or just have a bad return policy that can never be met.

One thing in particular to look for when making purchases online, is that the site is secure. This can easily be determined by checking the website address. Secure sites start with “https” and should have a lock symbol next to them in modern web browsers. This lets a person know that the site is secure, and that any information typed into it will remain private.

Always be careful when shopping online. Make sure that you are on a secure site, and that you are on the site you want to be on, not one that mimics another, well-known site. After all, you do not want to willing give your credit card information to thief.

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