California’s Drug Diversion Program

California’s Drug Diversion Program

California’s Drug Diversion Program

Drugs are a serious problem in California. They are one of the main sources of criminal activity which is why California lawmakers are exploring ways that they can reduce the number of drug addictions in the state. The California Drug Diversion Program is a huge part of the state’s attempt to help those who are dealing with serious drug addictions.

The program is designed to provide individuals who have been charged with either using drugs or being in possession of drugs with an option to seek help rather than facing jail time and hefty fines. To be eligible for the program, the individual must not have been involved in a violent crime.

For most people who are facing drug possession charges, the most appealing thing about the program is that it provides them with the means to potentially avoid spending time in jail. The way this works is that the defendant has to express a genuine desire to successfully participate in the program. If the judge is willing, they will defer the jail sentence until the defendant either completes the program or drops out of it. 

Not serving jail time for a drug possession charge enables the defendant to continue doing things that allow them to improve their life. For example, as a program participant, you’ll be free to continue pursuing your schooling and work. You may even be able to hide the news of your recent arrest from some of your friends and family members.

If the defendant fails to complete the program, they will have to serve the original sentence.

The second-best thing about participating in the program is that it provides you with the means to erase the drug possession incident from your record. Once you’ve successfully completed the program, which takes a year, the drug possession charge will be removed from your record. This is a great deal since that single drug possession charge could have come back to haunt you whenever you applied for a job, loan, state license, etc.

If the program works, when you complete it, you should have overcome your drug addiction and be able to enjoy a clean life and no longer have to constantly worry about things like random drug tests or the police searching your car when you’re pulled over for speeding.

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