Vaping In California: What You Need To Know

Vaping In California: What You Need To Know

Smoking tobacco has always been a pretty big hobby. Lately, however, it has been facing unexpected competition. This has come in the form of electronic cigarettes. When a person uses an e-cig, they are inhaling water vapor with different additives, rather than inhaling tobacco smoke. While vaping is a slightly healthier option than smoking, it still faces restrictions just like tobacco products.

Even though e-cigs and other vaping products contain no tobacco, the state of California still classifies them as tobacco products.

This means that the use of e-cigs faces many of the same restrictions of as regular cigarettes. This means that a person does need to be wary of some laws when using e-cigs.

In California, a person now has to be 21 or older in order to purchase any tobacco products. This includes vaporizers and other e-cigs. Members of the military are excluded from this law, meaning that an 18-year-old can purchase tobacco products provided they have a military ID. Interestingly, the law only prevents the selling or giving of tobacco products to minors, it does not make underage possession illegal.

The last things for e-cig users to be aware of is where they are allowed to use vape products. While second-hand smoke is not a major concern with these products, there usage has been restricted in certain areas such as:

  • School grounds
  • Public areas
  • Workplaces

The trend of vaping is still relatively new, and that means lawmakers are still working out how to deal with it. This leads to them constantly making new laws and adjusting old ones. It is important for anyone who uses these products to keep up to date on all of the laws regarding this hobby.


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