Recent Breakout in Germany

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Recent Breakout in Germany

Recent Breakout in Germany

People have a way of making things happen when they really want them to. This is especially true for people who feel trapped when they really want to be somewhere else. Recently, some police officers in Germany had to deal with two men who broke out of their confinement in the hopes of having fun.

This story is not quite what you would think. The two men were not incarcerated individuals who broke out of jail. No, these two escape artists actually ran away from their retirement home. The elderly gentlemen had decided they wanted to go to a heavy metal music festival and they were not going to let anyone or anything stand in their way.

The men escaped from their retirement home in Dithmarschen in northern Germany and were headed for the Wacken Open Air Festival. Wacken is a three day long, annual festival that sells around 75,000 tickets every single year. Police found the two men around 3 in the morning headed to the festival. They then escorted the pair’s taxi back to the retirement home to ensure they actually went back home. It is unknown whether or not the men had tickets to the festival.

People are always looking for ways to do what they really want to do, and this is the perfect example of this. These men were determined to not let their age, or the retirement home prevent them from having a good time. The same can be said for a person who is just arrested.

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