You Should Be There for Family

You Should Be There for Family

When it comes to helping out family, you should never give up. If you can count on a person to be there for you, then he or she should be able to count on you as well. This is especially true after an arrest. After someone has been arrested, they are not having a great time. They are stressed and in desperate need of help. That is why people always contact someone they love when they have been arrested.

When we are in trouble, one of our first responses is to contact someone that we know we can depend on for help. For most people, this is someone in their family. If someone you care about recently contacted you from jail after an arrest, you may want to take it as a compliment. They must think pretty highly of you.

Your loved one trusts you, don’t let him or her down. The best way to get someone out of jail in California is by contact Happy’s Bail Bonds in Bakersfield. For over 30 years, we have helped clients rescue their loved ones from jail at prices that they can afford. We can do the same for you. This way you will be able to rescue your loved one from jail no matter what his or her bail amount is.

We offer a special 20% discount for qualified clients. To earn this discount, either you or one of the other co-signers for the bail bond needs to:

• Be a member of the AARP.
• Be a union member.
• Be a member of the military.
• Be a homeowner.
• Have a private attorney.


So long as just one of those requirements is met, then you qualify for the 20% discount off the price of the bail bond. When you combine this with the personalized payment plan that you will get from us, bailing someone out of jail becomes much cheaper and far more affordable.

If you were recently contacted by a loved one who was just arrested, do not fear. Bailing someone out of jail may seem like a scary process, but you will have nothing to worry about with Happy’s Bail Bonds in Bakersfield. With our professional help, you will be able to be there for your family member when he or she needs you most.

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