Staying in Jail While you Wait for your Day in Court is Risky

Staying in Jail While you Wait for your Day in Court is Risky

Have you found out how much bail money you require before you’re able to leave jail and decided that the amount is too high and that you should remain right where you are until your case finally reaches a judge? You might want to think again.

The truth is that staying in jail rather than seeking out a bail bond is a risky decision. Several things could go wrong.

The first thing to consider is your physical and mental health. Being in jail is incredibly stressful, especially when you’re in the middle of trying to prepare a legal defense. The stress combined with the close living corners makes you susceptible to developing colds and cases of flu. The longer you stay in jail, the greater the odds become that you’ll also struggle with depression and anxiety.

Preparing a legal defense is difficult when you’re locked in a jail cell. Meetings between yourself and your lawyer can only happen when you’re lawyer has time to drive to the jail, and then you have to hope that there’s a space where you can meet privately. The jailhouse schedule will likely place time constraints on how long you can speak to your attorney. Soon everyone will be fed up with trying to put together a legal defense.

You could accidentally incriminate yourself. Nothing is private in jail. There’s a good chance that every word you say could be recorded and be used by the prosecution against you. Even jokes and side comments can become incriminating. 

The longer you are in jail, the longer you’re not working. Your absence from work will eventually result in your employer firing you. The lack of income also means you can’t stay on top of your bills. Before you know it, you’ve lost your car and home. Your credit rating will be ruined.

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